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Company History

Hello and welcome to the world of Banham Poultry based in Attleborough, Norfolk. Here we are very proud of our heritage. We are the biggest employer in the mid Norfolk constituency and we produce the best quality chicken anywhere to be found. Our customers and consumers alike are very happy with our products and we love providing the nation with its most popular and least expensive meat protein especially in these economically trying times. With a turnover of approximately £100m per year and sales of 650,000 chickens per week we represent an important business in many respects.

Our production starts with egg prodution, hatching chicks and then rearing the chickens to very high welfare standards. During recent times we have examined our strategic approach. First we decided to return to core business i.e. the production of ‘Fresh British Chicken’. This proved a popular decision and we immediately saw the benefits of our known competencies. We have restructured our management team with the inclusion of senior outside managers to bring new skills and valued experience as well as building overall a more capable management team. We also pride ourselves on high levels of customer service and satisfaction. In a fresh food business, time lines are very short and demand fluctuates dramatically, we manage this and get a high score in a difficult sector.

Banham people are also very special many have worked for the company through three generations with long service records. We are as a business most grateful for their loyalty and support and their willingness to go the extra mile when the company needs them. At a time when world economics and recession dominate the headlines on a daily basis, when people’s living standards are failing, there is much to be proud of, as I said earlier.

The company has its own Hatchery, which supplies all farms producing poultry for the company, these may be owned, rented or leased, but all are registered under the ACP scheme. The company employs c600 on a two shift system. The plant size is 50,000², on a 12 acre/4.85 hectare site. The quantity of finished product is around 55% whole bird and 45% portions, representing over 21.8 million birds. Product distribution is via the company’s own refrigerated transport, which is based at our former manufacturing site at Bunns Bank. The Company supplies chicken to major supermarkets, and other established stores and wholesalers throughout the UK. The company operates under the license number UK 5464 EC, and is also Assured Chicken Production (ACP) approved.

Quality Statement

Banham Poultry as a company is committed to providing the highest quality products and service to all our customers. We consider that the quality of the product supplied to our customers is of the utmost importance to the long term success and growth of our company. Every care and attention possible is taken to comply with all relevant UK & EEC legal and safety requirements. We recognise that we must work as a team with all our customers, to provide the highest quality value for money products. To achieve this we have implemented a documented food safety and quality management system, incorporating all relevant food safety and qualitative standards, making sure that all employees of the company are fully aware of the importance of the requirements within this document, to achieve this company’s and our customers goal of a consistent high quality standard of products. This quality policy was revised and adopted by Banham Poultry and all its employees in August 2007.

Company Profile

Banham Poultry has always been a forward thinking company and usually involved in cutting edge technology with regards to processing. The company manage and operates a group of rearing farms providing first class laying flocks that provide our own hatchery with first class eggs for setting and hatching, ensuring the best quality control when placing chicks in our broiler farms. All elements of the agricultural process are audited to ACP standards and conform to many retail protocols.

The company runs its own transport department covering live transport, chilled and frozen distribution. Our distribution reaches every corner of the UK, and we also operate with third party companies in a strong export market.

Processing takes place at our Attleborough plant (about 12 miles south of Norwich). The plant maintains high standards and is continually verified with constant auditing by the Food Standards Agency, and consistently achieves the highest grade within the criteria of EFSIS auditing “Category A for Slaughter and Cutting”.

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