Market Description

As a company, we operate primarily in the fresh retail sector, but still maintain our traditional links to the wholesale and export markets. In an ever-changing market place we are constantly updating our manufacturing process to maintain our reputation as market leaders in both quality and service. We were the first UK Company to offer leak proof packaging for whole bird with the Ulma pacific flow wrapper. We have recently invested heavily in IQF production for retail, wholesale and export markets. This is part of an onward investment programme aimed at maintaining our market strength.

Product Profile

Products currently supplied by Banham Poultry Limited

Fresh Range

Leak Proof Oven Ready Whole Bird, Boneless/Skinless Breast Fillet, Skin-On Breast Fillet, Oyster Cut Thighs, Drumsticks, Oyster Cut Legs, Leg Quarters, Rotisserie, Hearts, Wings, Gizzards, Liver Tubs, Inner Breast Fillet/Goujons, Diced/Sliced Breast Fillet.

Frozen Range

Large Roasting Chicken, Bulk Drumsticks, Bulk Thighs, Inner Fillets, Bulk Liver, Gizzards, Hearts, Wings, Mechanically Recovered Meat (MRM), Baader Mince, Leg Quarters.

Frozen IQF Range

Breast Fillets, Inner Fillets, Drumsticks, Thighs, Wings.

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